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Primultini and Bongioanni: when history looks into the future

Primultini from Marano Vicentino, a renowned company with a rich catalog of sawmill solutions, has acquired the Bongioanni brand, a business in the same industry, part of Pezzolato spa since 2001.

According to the agreement, Bongioanni's machinery production will be moved from Pianfei (Cuneo) to Marano, while the service for thousands of machines installed all over the world will still be managed by the engineers of the Piedmont-based group.

"This is an important agreement, ensuring the continuity of a great Italian story", said Lorenzo Primultini, president of the company that bears his name. "We agreed on all terms with Riccardo Pezzolato and we could find the best match between the respective interest of our companies: Primultini has acquired Bongioanni's "intellectual property", including brand, technical and sales information, customer portfolio, drawings and designs, while Pezzolato spa, whose revenues increased by approximately 20 percent in 2014, will be able to focus on their future core business, namely the supply of equipment and technology for energy generation from alternative sources, having secured the ongoing presence of a big brand in the most important sawmills around the world".

Many positive reactions from the wood industry, which sees a new European and global leader arise from the merger of two stories.

Bongioanni, born 1907, and Primultini, born 1923, not only merge the value of their respective stories and the solid technology and process expertise proven in thousands of installations around the world, but also strongly reaffirm the determination to look ahead, to live a "second youth".